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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy is also known as endodontic therapy. It is a dental treatment for removing the infection from inside the decayed tooth.

It is tooth pain-relieving treatment and protects the teeth from further infection.

Inside the tooth contains pulp which consists of nerves and blood vessels. If decay left untreated, it leads to pulp infection. It will cause pain.

If the infected pulp is not removed completely, gum boil develops at the root tip. It causes damage to the bone around the tooth. At this stage, it will cause tooth pain and swelling of the face. In such condition, needs an endodontic opinion.

If the tooth needs root canal treatment, the endodontist will remove the decay and infected pulp. Cleans the root canal and filled with the root filling materials in a quick and painless way.

If the decay is extensive, it indicates for extraction. To maintain the space we can replace the missing tooth like dental implants or crown and bridges.

  • Decayed tooth
  • Painful tooth
  • Non-vital or dead tooth
  • Trauma exposing the pulp
  • Grossly attrited tooth
  • Intentional RCT

How is Root Canal Treatment Done?

1. Numbing the tooth

Our main goal is patient’s comfort, which we strongly believe in
we apply a numbing gel on the surface where we are going to give the L.A injection so that the patient does not feel the pain of injection, which can be itself be a very painful experience for which we try to avoid it.

After the area is numb we inject the local anesthesia (numbing injection), so that the patient is comfortable during the root canal procedure