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Prevent Oral Cancer

Cancer is a widely feared disease wherein your own body cells become abnormal and start multiplying uncontrollably while causing harm to the surrounding normal structures. Treatment of cancer involves surgical removal of the area that has gone bad, reconstruction of the defect and/or radiation and chemotherapy. Quality of life is affected due to its after affects in the  functioning and aesthetics always a chance of the disease recurring.

Oral or mouth cancer can occur on the tongue, lips, palate, floor of mouth, jaw bone, cheeks, oral vestibule or the retromolar area. Lets discuss the most common causative factors of oral cancer:

1. Use of tobacco in any form, including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, snuff and others
2. Heavy consumption of alcoholic beverages
3. Use of arecanut/betelnut/supari
4. Excessive sun exposure to the lips area
5. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection – this is a sexually transmitted disease that can cause cancers at the back of the mouth and throat due to performing oral sex
6. A weakened immune system predisposes you to all forms of cancer
7. Chronic trauma to a part of the mouth due to teeth or a faulty dental prosthesis
8. Genetics is another reason that may make you prone to oral cancer even in the absence of any other factor

Based on what you read above, it is clear that apart from genetics, you have control over the other factors. So read on to know how you can lower your risk of developing oral cancer:
1. Avoid tobacco and related products such as arecanut/betelnut/supari in all forms
2. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption
3. Avoid excessive sun exposure
4. Exercise regularly
5. Eat a healthy balanced diet that is rich in antioxidants
6. Maintain good oral hygiene
7. Get any faulty dental bridges or dentures corrected
8. Visit your dentist twice a year for screening

If you notice any of the following common signs and symptoms of oral cancer you should
visit  Dr Nilesh Pagaria for Oral checkup and have yourself checked at the earliest:

1. Red or white patches at any site inside the mouth
2. Ulcers in the mouth that haven’t healed over a period of three weeks
3. Swellings or lumps anywhere in the mouth
4. Pain or difficulty in functions like eating, speech and swallowing
5. Loose teeth all of a sudden
6. Soreness and bleeding from the mouth
7. Dramatic weight loss
8. Numbness over areas of the mouth or face