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LEFORT-I Advancement

The Le Fort advancement surgery is done by the cosmetic surgeon in order to correct the mid-face deformities. It allows correction with the dimensions of advancement, retrusion, elongation, and shortening. The Le Fort surgery has a low complication profile, which makes them a widely used cosmetic surgical procedure to correct the deformities of the midfacial profile.

Le Fort osteotomy is an important concern of the plastic & reconstructive surgery done by the Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon to correct the underdeveloped upper jaw, cheekbones, nose and eye sockets. The Le Fort surgery is applied if the patient is affected by the malocclusion, i.e., the misalignment of teeth & jaws due to cleft palate, midface hypoplasia, and other upper jaw issues.

The Le Fort surgery involves the sectioning and repositioning the maxilla and the upper jaw to correct its deformity and abnormal status.

The Le Fort fracture of the skull involving the maxilla bone and surrounding structures in either a horizontal, pyramidal or transverse direction.

The Sign & Symptoms

Lefort I: Slight swelling of the upper lip, malocclusion & mobility of teeth. Percussion of upper teeth results in cracked pot sound.

Lefort II & Lefort III: Gross edema of soft tissue over the middle third of the face, bilateral circumorbital ecchymosis, bilateral subconjunctival hemorrhage, dish face deformity, diplopia, enophthalmos, cracked pot sound.


The treatment of Le Fort advancement includes the surgical procedure by which a surgeon corrects the deformities & abnormalities of facial structure, especially in the mid-facial structure, misalignment of teeth and deformities of upper & lower jaws as well as the cheekbones, nose and eye sockets. Fractures are fixed by the use of titanium plates and screws, and each fracture is fixed, first at its superior attachment to the bar, then the interior attachment to the displaced bone. The orbital fractures are also fixed with the Le Fort advancement surgery.

Dr. Nilesh Pagaria performs the procedure of Le Fort advancement to correct abnormalities of the upper jaw to provide a better balance of the mid-face and improve overall facial symmetry, alignment, and function. Medispa Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Centre works closely with the Orthodontist to create a treatment plan tailored according to your injured facial status in order to obtain and achieve the proper aesthetic outcome of the Le Fort advancement surgery.