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TMJ Surgery


TMJ- Temporo-mandibular joint. Can be called the jaw joint.
The lower jaw (mandible) is the only movable bone in our face. It is a part of this joint along with the temporal(ear) bone.


Ankylosis release (Mouth Not Opening ): A trauma or birth defect can lead to ankylosis (fusion/fixation) of the lower jaw to the temporal bone thus hindering its movement. Patients thus can’t open their mouth. Surgery is done to fracture the fusion and release the lower jaw. A long standing ankylosis can lead to severe facial disfurgement.

Condylar fracture: Fracture invovling the joint portion of lower jaw. Treated surgical and non-surgically.

TMJ DISC surgery: Tmj joint also has a disc inside a joint capsule which allows the movement of the lower jaw. Joint diseases commonly lead to changes in the position of the disc inside the capsule leading to click noise and pain on opening the mouth. Patients are carefully evaluated to find all the causes of the joint pain and adjacent muscle pain.

TMJ Disc Surgery can be done

Open: A skin incision is placed and the joint is opened to perform the surgery.
Endoscopic: Minimally invasive with 2-3 holes near the joint.


It involves replacing the entire joint with a prosthesis much like knee replacement.
Usually the last resort for advanced tmj conditions.

Dr. Nilesh Pagaria is interested in TMJ disc surgeries and TJR and continually updates himself and undergoes training. Currently performs both open and basic endoscopic surgeries

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