Face Surgeon Raipur

Corrective Facial surgery

For correction of the facial features an oral and maxillofacial surgeon plays a huge part. The surgical evaluation is critical because the implant which will be used will be according to the distribution of the soft tissues and the various
facial high-points and landmarks.

The job of a maxillofacial surgeon becomes very crucial because he has to navigate the placement of implants for the expected outcome.  An oral and maxillofacial surgeon has can treat

1) many conditions with the jaws and teeth, oral cancers.
2) treating facial lacerations, intra oral lacerations and even fractured facial bones.
3) perform various cosmetic and dental surgeries,perform various cosmetic and dental surgeries to give you the necessary and desired chin and cheekbone augmentation.
4) correct any abnormalities involving the mouth, neck and face area which might prevent you from eating normally.
5) infection in your oral cavity, jaws, neck or salivary glands.
6) reconstructive surgery after removing any tumours in face and neck area including jaw and mouth.
7) to remove impacted, damaged and non-restorable teeth without changing the facial appearance.

Dr Nilesh Pagaria is a gifted maxillofacial surgeon with years of experience.