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What Is Orthognathic Surgery

What Is Orthognathic Surgery (Jaw Reshaping, Jaw Correction Surgery)?
Orthognathic surgery is an operation that will reposition the lower, upper or both jaws, for individuals with an abnormally positioned jaw in relation to the base of the skull or individuals who have large discrepancy between the sizes of the jaws in relation to each other. Orthognatic surgery can be used to change your facial shape completely.

– What’s The Process Of Jaw Surgery?
The Jaw surgery is performed only after a detailed initial consultation. At the beginning of the treatment, the teeth are first aligned, at the same time the useless teeth such as the wisdom teeth are removed. When the orthognathic treatment starts, it usually takes about 18 to 24 months for the teeth to straighten with the help of braces. When the teeth are all set up, it’s now the right time to perform orthognathic surgery that will be done on one of the jaws or both. Then it will be followed by the final orthodontic treatment which lasts for approximately 6 months.

After all this is completed, the patient can now enjoy the benefit of having pleasing facial features and a stunning smile.