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Common TMJ Treatments

Common TMJ Treatments

Struggling with continued TMJ pain is unnecessary. There are multiple individualized treatments and therapies that can help return you to a happy, healthy and restful life.

Physical therapy and other medical treatments
Physical therapy is one of the main treatments for TMJ. Therapy will include exercise, massage, TENS, laser electrical stimulation, trigger point & entrapped nerve injections and functional manual therapy. Posture correction, hot and cold therapy may also be used.

As TMJ can be painful and cause a lack of sleep, your dentist may prescribe medication.

Chiropractic treatment
TMJ can often affect posture or partially be caused by it, which may lead to the need for chiropractic therapy for correction. Some treatments may include applied kinesiology, cranial therapy and even spinal correction.

Oral appliances
Oral appliances are used to realign the jaw, reduce clicking and to relieve pressure on the nerves and the TM joint. There are other appliances that may be used as well to reduce facial pain and limit the grinding of teeth.

Sleep appliances
TMJ is one of the many reasons that lead to airway sleep disorders due to the setting back of the lower jaw. Each appliance is individually prescribed based on the personal anatomy and needs of a patient.  Sleep appliances help to correct this restrictive behavior, allowing for more oxygen intake during the night and proper exhalation of toxic air.

Trigger point injections
Trigger point injections, often a local anesthetic, help to reset the nerve endings, relaxing muscles and reducing pain. While these injections are not permanent solutions, they do reduce pain as they allow blood flow to the very tight areas to assist healing.