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pain in jaw during yawn, swallow or laugh

The temporal bone of your skull (located on either side of your head just below the temples) attaches through a small disc of cartilage to the mandible, the strong bone of the lower jaw. This attachment allows you to chew, eat, talk and smile – any purpose that is required for the jaw to freely close and open. TMD occurs when there is swelling, damage, or other abnormalities in the cartilage disc or any of the tendons or muscles in the area of the temporomandibular joint.

What causes TMD?

Common causes of TMD include:

  •  Misalignment of teeth or jaw
  •  Teeth grinding( bruxism), Improper bite
  •  Improper posture
  •  Excessive gum chewing
  •  Stress and Some types of arthritis
  •  Autoimmune diseases
  •  Physical injury