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Common missing teeth treatment options

Dental Bridges –

A dental bridge or fixed bridge can mainly replace your missing tooth/teeth. However, one will require the adequate number of other teeth (healthy & vigorous) to support an artificial teeth. The prosthetic tooth or teeth will require preparing the adjacent teeth, being reduced in size to make sufficient space for fixation.

Fixed bridges can usually last for nearly 10 to 12 years. They may also require another trial of replacement later.

Dentures –

The partial or full dentures are removable in nature. They will probably fix one’s single tooth, more than one tooth or all teeth in lower and/or upper jaws. Their placement will usually depend upon the support that other teeth in jaws can provide to them and the support by adequate gum tissues and jawbones. They can be moved when not in used.

Dental Implants –

For one with missing tooth/teeth, the dental implants are going to the best replacement options. Dental implants are similar to our original teeth, durable in nature, efficient in work. Again, they are used to replace a single tooth or more or all teeth.

The benefits of dental implants are awesome. They will improve one’s speaking and chewing ability. One resuming a beautiful smile is their key advantage. Once the implants are fixed, they will support both adjoining teeth as well as bone structure too.

Unlike dental bridges, the process of fixing the dental implants will provide no harm to adjacent teeth. That means they are safe because they don’t require peeling off the teeth that are nearby. They also don’t slip once fitted and work as the permanent teeth.