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Geriatric Dentistry

Dentistry for Seniors

Our Prosthodontic specialist has specialized training in Geriatric dentistry
Geriatric dentistry allows for specialized treatments for elderly or debilitated patients taking into consideration any and all medical history and physical conditions

Regular Check-ups
are essential for the elderly. It is well known that the mouth is the gateway to the body and many medical illnesses can be detected by changes in the oral cavity.

Maintenance of Teeth and gums with clean ups, fillings, root canals, etc.

Extraction of Teeth
with poor prognosis, to prevent damage and spread of infection to adjacent teeth and their subsequent replacement

Replacement of Teeth
Teeth extracted should always be replaced with artificial substitutes- whether fixed or removable. Fixed options include Crowns, Bridges and Implants. Removable options are Partial acrylic dentures, Partial Cast metal dentures and Complete dentures. Dentistry today allows for all options to be available to the patient, so that they can make an informed decision as to what suit them best.

Total Oral Rehabilitation
Either with crowns and bridges or implants. Our specialists are well trained in total rehabilitation of the mouth. Using x-rays, scans and models, a scientific approach is taken with a step by step restorative plan to rehabilitate every case in a permanent, pain-free manner to ensure the total satisfaction of the patient.

Gum Therapy
Gums which are infected/ receeding/ bleeding/ swollen require a variety of gum therapies from scaling to root planing to flap surgery. Our gum specialists are trained in surgical and laser treatment of gum diseases.