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Why Dental Implants are Best Teeth Replacement Solution

1. Similarity With Natural Tooth

Dental Implants are closest prosthetic solution to lost teeth as their basic structure is similar to natural tooth. Natural tooth comprises of Cap portion which is present inside jaw to function and a root portion which is embedded in jaw and provide support. Similarly Dental Implants consist of Titanium Implant post is inserted in bone for the support of artificial cap. So they not only resemble natural tooth on looks but also in function.

2. Least Maintenance

The maintenance of Dental Implant is just similar to your natural teeth. They generally do not require any additional need for relining as demanded in Dentures when they get loose over period of time


3. Zero Percoent Chances of Getting Decayed

Implants are better solution as compared to tooth supported bridges as in long run teeth supporting the may get decayed and lead to loss of prosthesis. Decay in implant prosthesis is completely impossible because it doesn’t have any component on which bacteria may feed upon.


4. Preserving Jaw Bone

When a person looses teeth jaw bone tend to deteriorate over the period of time. Dental Implants prevents this process of resorption of jaw bone and maintain its health by giving bone the proper stimulation.


5. No Harm To Adjacent Natural Teeth

Dental Implants are completely independent prosthesis which takes support directly from jaw bone. There is no need of trimming or cutting of adjacent natural teeth and thus saving their health further


6. Better Taste Sensation and Speech

Patients are more comfortable with implants as compared to dentures because they does provide freedom for all types of food and gives better sensation of taste due to minimal possible coverage of mouth tissues.

Similarly, due to minimal coverage of other structures of mouth the tongue movement and hence speech is much better in implants as compared to Dentures

7. Economical

Although one time cost of Dental Implants are bit more than other options but when compared to its life span compared to other teeth prosthesis which is much longer, the cost is minimal. Also the its maintenance is negligible when compared to others