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Tripod fractures

Road accidents have come out as one of the major reasons for most zygomatic complex fractures A tripod facture calls for a proper and complete diagnosis before a treatment decision is made. It requires to be treated properly by the facial plastic surgeons, only.

Treating a Tripod facture is one of the most challenging tasks for the surgeons, as it may demand reconstruction and complete makeover in some cases. On the other hand, surgeons prefer not to go for surgical operations unless there is an urgent need or aesthetic impairment that makes surgery necessary, like any form of reduced mouth opening or any kind of depression of the cheek. Even though most of the surgical operations are similar and safe, there are few techniques that are very different and they have their own drawbacks.

This fracture leads to three separate fracture elements that disturb the anchoring of the zygomatic parts. Apart from this, the fractured components lead to impingement of the temporalis muscles, resulting in trismus, that gives difficulty in chewing food and also leads to problems in the nerves leading to hypesthesia.

Common in young adults zygomatic fractures comprise of:

  • Diplopia
  • Subconjunctival ecchymosis
  • Cheek flattening
  • Enophthalmos
  • Sensory disturbances etc.
  • Suppressing the block

The process of diagnosis for the complex fractures is typically high tech and clinical that is accompanied with radio graphical process. Most of the studies regarding zygomatic fractures prove that fractures are connected with different maxillofacial injuries.

Research has proven that the internal treatment and fixation of the fracture offers reduction in reoccurrence of such kind of injuries. The facial symmetry needs proper surgical operation that needs revision and it mostly occurs in a handful of patients. The rates that are charged after the operation is conducted is very low as compared to the charges that are taken for the actual surgery as the infections get resolved gradually with the antibiotics that are given to the patients. In general terms, the enduring prognosis that is carried out after the repair of ZMC fracture is quite good.

The person is asked to be on complete liquid diet as the facial arrangements and structure of bones can get affected by eating something hard.

As we know the use of seatbelts is very important in the country and in all the developed nations, there has been a noteworthy decrease in the number of facial injuries. However, use of seat belts is still not happening in India. According to the Motor Vehicle act, the utilization of seatbelts and helmets is very important, but their usage isn’t 100% yet. It is important to make people aware about the use of crash helmet, headgears as well as seatbelts while they travel in any motorized transport. This will eventually prevent injuries to the facial region.

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